Since 1951, the Ristorante Da Gher welcomes its guests on the port of Riccione with the same enthusiasm and friendliness. Since the early 1950s we prepare our dishes with the utmost care and attention. Our menu includes many traditional Romagna fish and seafood recipes, to which we add a touch of extravagance, so our guests can enjoy the real sapid, rich and generous taste of the Adriatic Sea.

The traditional “foconi” (typical grills with sand and embers) were invented to bring sand to the restaurant and cook shrimps, squids, small cuttlefishes, sardines and anchovies on skewers. In this way the seafood remained fragrant and tasty. Customers had fun and ate with gusto. Restaurant Da Gher is still appreciated for this peculiarity.

Restaurant Da Gher, frequented by music and entertainment celebrities, is a good choice in every season: during the summer you can enjoy a mixed grill or a crispy fritto misto (fried fish and seafood) right on the pier, while in winter you can sit at one of our tables, next to the window, enjoying the view of the sea and letting your appetite being whetted by local flavours.